The plumbing outside of your home is very important, whether its the water pipe supplying your home with potable water, or the sewer line removing non potable water and sewage from your home, when these main services fail it can be one of the most costly repairs to experience. The down time you can experience can also be stressful.  We are fully licensed bonded and insured to handle it all.

-Main drain line repair/ replacement

-Main drain clean-out install 

-Main drain cleaning/ clearing

-Color video inspection

-Main drain locate services

-Septic Tank Elimination/ New Connection

-Main water line repair

-New main water line connections 

-Water meter repair/ replacement

-Well pump repair/ replacement

-Water line/ drain line boring

-New gas line installation


Plumbing in the Raw

Outside Services

Inside Services

​​​​​​Yes, we can repair, install and replace all plumbing fixtures and plumbing utilities within your home but what happens when there is a plumbing emergency or major plumbing failure? The overwhelming panic that sets in can be very stressful. We really are here to help ease your mind about the issue, fix the problem and get your plumbing system up and running again! Best of all we can do it at a fraction of the cost

of the "phone book" plumbing companies.  From the plumbing emergencies to the routine repairs we have you covered when it comes to the rough plumbing service, and install.

-Water Heaters (gas and electric)

-Expansion Tanks

-Water Softeners


-Fixture Supply Valves

-Pressure Tanks

-Water Pipes Repair and Replacement

-Drain Pipes Repair and Replacement

-Gas Lines (Flexible and Rigid)

-Sump Pumps

-Sewage Ejector Pumps

-Battery and Water Back Up Sump Pumps

-Water Pressure Issues

-Leaking Pipes

-Hose Spigots 

-Backflow Preventer Install/ Testing/ Service


With the technology of plumbing evolving and changing daily it is important to hire a plumber who understands how to properly install new fixtures. It is equally as important to hire a plumber who has the experience, knowledge and training to install and repair existing interior fixtures. Whatever your plumbing needs are we can take care of them.

-Kitchen and Bath Fixtures



-Food Waste Disposers




-Shower/ Bathtub 

-Shower Valve/ Body Sprays

-Shower/ Tub Drain

-Ice Maker Box/ Line

​​Maxwell and Sons Plumbing